jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2014


My sister , Marta, is living in Canada, in Canmore , a little village at the Rocky Mountains. She bought this tale for me, thinking in my english workshop here. And she bought it directely to the writer , Jocey Asnong, so the tale is dedicated to me , and that's wonderful! Thank you Marta! and thank you Jocey!! The tale is based on a real story that happened with three black bear cubs that jumped on a train to eat grain and accidentally appeared at 30km from their home. Park wardens reunited the cubs with their mother , but a week later the cubs repeated this train ride! In this tale , Nuptse and Lhotse are in charge of find two little cubs. It's a nice story with beautiful ilustrations.

You can read more about Nuptse and Lhotse adventures in this facebook page: "Nuptse and Lhotse books"

We have made these dioramas with  The Rockies  in the background ,and the mother bear with her cubs  strolling down

In Mallorca, we are not used to those big mountains with snow, so maybe ours are a little bit weird, hahaha!

By the way!You can follow may sister's adventures in Canada here: "Workingonadream2012.blogspot.com", they are awesome!

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