miércoles, 4 de junio de 2014


Last month of activities! And it smells like summer!

We were watching these videos from "Peppa Pig", 

"Peppa Pig " videos are very easy to understand, and very good to practice English listening. You can find many like these in youtube.

Our summer craft was a T-Shirt ,decorated with crayon melted with the iron.
You have to use a pencil sharpener and a crayon, sharpen and collect the shavings. Then, on a T- Shirt scatter the shavings in the design of your choice. Place a cardboard inside the shirt to prevent the wax from melting through to the other side. Cover design with wax paper and iron to melt and set the wax. Carefully remove wax paper, if design is not fully melted repeat until it is. Let it cool, and ready!



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