viernes, 7 de junio de 2013


Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Little Wee Bear have a plan: They'll go out for a morning walk, and by the time they get home their porridge will have cooled to the perfect temperature. But they don't realize that trouble is on the way, trouble in the form of a  jump-roping, curly-haired terror named Goldilocks!

"Golidilocks and the three little bears" Caralyn Buehner & Mark Buehner. Puffin Books.

We made small tables , with clay bowls and a "strange" porridge.

*words we have learned: Bear, breakfast, bowl, porridge, great, medium-sized, small,Goldilocks, jump, chair, big, middle, little,hot,jump rope,bed, hungry, alien, just right.

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